This blog was originally at Wordpress, but I've just moved it over to here. I'm sorry for any confusion that this may have caused. Enjoy anyway! -- Astra

About Astra

I am a 21 year old college student studying psychology. I am an eclectic pagan who worships the Goddess, and I love to read and write, draw and paint, and hike and explore.

I have created this blog in hopes of teaching others as I teach myself along this new path that I have been drawn to. I hope that all of you will be comfortable here, and will feel comfortable enough to leave comments and ask questions, as well as leave me some suggestions that you would like for me to cover or research for you.

You can e-mail me whenever you like or message me here — I love meeting new people and networking, especially with people who have similar beliefs!

AIM: Run Neon Tiger Run