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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pagan/Wiccan Art Journaling

Today as I was looking for more helpful sites, I stumbled across this site: Aradia's Cauldron: 52 weeks of pagan art journaling.

I really loved the idea of this, and I'd really like to implement this into my notes and Book of Shadows. In her project proposal, she explains her intentions.

An art journal is a journal that you use words and art (sometimes more art, sometimes more words) to record your thoughts, ideas, and feelings in.

The journal can be as fancy and as simple as you would like it to be! Some people draw amazing pictures, while others, like me, create simpler pages. They can be colours, sketches, collages, or anything else you'd like. Sometimes a page can be image based, other times it can be more text based. Art journals let you play and explore.

Instead of a separate art journal, I'm going to start mine within my Book to add a little more energy and inspiration into it. Some of the first things I'm going to do with my art journal is to paint butterflies and a bear, since they're my totem animals, and also write some poetry while writing about why I feel so connected to my path.

What do you think about Aradia's idea, and what are your own inspirations?


  1. Fogwolf here. I like the idea of the Art Journal. I seems like a natural so I will begin modifying the one I already keep. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I suggest using a book that you can take pages out of and replace with new pages. That way you can mess up and fix things really easily. I have found that bound books without the possibility of replacing botched pages were very stifling to my creativity.

  3. I have started it just recently, and I am doing my whole book of shadows as an art journal. I keep a working book, which is a 3 ring binder - however, when I feel that something is ready to be transcribed into the journal I have, I start setting the pages up and getting everything ready to map over to the final product, which I plan on passing down to my children. I am also making a very close friend an altered book of shadows for her to use whenever she wants.